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The Frank Hunter

Return to Null

Frank Jaeger ✖ Null
27 December
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Frank Jaeger

How's My Driving?
We've Walked the Earth in Solitude
so cold we need the warmth of sun.

Frank Jaeger
Metal Gear Solid: PO
Fifteen • Male • Asexual
176cm118lbsDecember 27th

A child soldier captured by the CIA and subjected to human experimentation. His codename, Null, befits his status as a non-entity without feelings, memories, or even a serial number. Through Big Boss' efforts, he was finally freed from that mental prison and he's learning to see the world beyond the front lines. Though young he remains a steadfast soldier, prepared to risk everything to defend what he believes in.

Layout: allwashedout
Profile: broseidon
Thanks to artillera for the rename.
bare-chested fistfights in minefields, being a tool of war, being emotionless, bosses that are big, calorie mate, campbell, cia perfect soldier training rox, cqcing your sorry ass, dr.clark, fistfighting, foxhound, hating ocelot, machete :3~, men with eye patches, my dad could beat up your dad, naked snake, ninja, ninja ninja, ninja'ing you in the face, not being a cyborg, not being put inside coffins, outer heaven, para-medic, patriots, rations, recon, scouting, shooting your ass with my uzi, slicing your face off, swords, war